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CMNC Membership:

Membership is open to all throughout Colorado Springs and neighboring communities. Whether newly arrived, or having lived here for many years, all are invited to join. Our club year extends from June 1st to May 31st. Annual dues are $40 per member payable in person at any monthly general meeting or by mailing a check made out to CMNC to the club post office box. Just download the application above , enclose your check and mail to the address on the application.

If you would like the monthly newsletter mailed to you, vs the free online version, please add $20 to your membership check to cover print and postage bringing the total up to $60. Newsletters can be found on the link on this website.


Our second Wednesday monthly general meeting is canceled if School District 12 schools are delayed or canceled due to weather or other issues.

A prospective member shall be required to pay membership dues after attending two club meetings or functions.

CMNC Organization

Former members are required to pay membership dues before attending any club meetings or functions.


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